Cricket Flours Recipes

Are you looking for recipes made with edible insects?  We’ve got you covered with these featured recipes!  Our team loves crafting and creating new recipes and products that feature a boost of protein and nutrition from our cricket powder and roasted crickets. We understand this may be new for you, so try one of these great recipes to get you started!

Cricket Nachos

Things are heating up in the kitchen, and these Cricket Nachos pack a punch…but only if you want them too. We put together this recipe as an appetizer for a recent event with a combination of jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, sweet peppers, cheddar cheese, and our own roasted crickets.



Chocolate Espresso Banana Bread

Introducing our new Chocolate Espresso Banana Bread recipe made with our very own Cricket Flours products to add a boost of cricket protein and delicious organic cocoa.



Tropical Pear Juice Boost

In this second featured recipe from our chef Kathy High, we created a Tropical Pear Juice Boost smoothie that is the perfect way to start your morning routine.



Cricket Protein Spicy Omelette

For this new recipe we wanted to use cricket protein in a new way. Finding new ways to spice up your morning routine is always great, and finding a new way to add extra protein, B12, Omega-3s and Omega-6s is even better!



Amber Candy and Fossil Cookies

Maybe someday future geologists will discover the fossilized remains of the grasshoppers we snacked on around a campfire. Maybe they’ll find a fossilized fossil cookie that will utterly confuse them. But in any case, now is a great time to become re-acquainted with the ancient practice of entomophagy with some delectable fossil-inspired buggy treats.



Mini Lemon & Valencia Orange Raspberry Scones

Welcome to our new Mini Lemon & Valencia Orange Raspberry Scone recipe as featured in our new Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL…  For this recipe, we wanted to put together a new scone recipe using cricket flour to add additional protein and flavor to this new treat.



Edible Insect Biscuits

We have been working on some new products, but it is always fun to share new dishes and recipes with our friends and family. So we decided to put together an edible insect biscuit recipe that featured 4 different products in one.



Orange Cranberry & Beet Powder Muffins

With the start of the new year, we have been playing around with some new ingredients and new recipes. One of the new ingredients we have been working with has been beet juice powder and beet root powder. We have been working with beet powder as a natural food colorant that gives shakes and baked goods a vibrant red color, but there are nutritious benefits as well.



Cricket Protein Pineapple Banana Smoothie

This morning I was getting ready to head out to the gym and decided to put together a new recipe for a Cricket Flours shake that I had been meaning to try. This cricket protein shake is a new twist on one of my favorite shake combinations for a Pineapple Banana Protein smoothie using cricket protein.



Cricket Flours Bite Sized Apple Pastries

We recently stumbled across a great idea for a Cricket Flour Bite Sized Apple Pastries and they turned out SO GOOD!  Light and crispy and with a boost of cricket protein from our Cricket Flours products.



Pear and Cricket Financiers – Cricket Flour Tea Cakes

This play on a classic french financier makes a tasty small cake, and comes together very easily. While this recipe is using diced fresh pear, you can also use the drained pear pieces from the pear ginger compote instead. If using fresh pear, any pear will work here as long as it has good flavor. Enjoy!



Cricket Flour Spiced French Toast

This past week our team decided to revisit our Spiced French Toast recipe. A delicious brunch staple, this french toast recipe is quick and tasty using a terrific blend of flavors including cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cricket protein, strawberries, and more!



Chocolate Covered Crickets

Have you ever tried a chocolate covered cricket?  If not, it is about time!  We were back in the kitchen working on some new recipes and creations and decided to play around with melting chocolate and our Cricket Bites and Cricket Salt line of products.



Spicy Baked Cheesy Peppers

This new cricket flour recipe is the ultimate party food appetizer. These spicy baked peppers feature a spicy combination of four cheeses, chili powder, white pepper, red pepper flakes and Cricket Flours powder. These can easily be sliced into smaller, bite-size pieces that would be great for any party platter.



Roasted Cricket & Banana Oatmeal

I think we all get the feeling of wanting to switch up our morning routines. We often find ourselves waking up at the same time or preparing our tea and coffee the same way. Today, we decided to adding our Cricket Bites: Roasted Crickets to one of our favorite breakfast combos for this Roasted Cricket and Banana Oatmeal.



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