Cricket Flours Recipes

Are you looking for delicious Cricket Flours recipes or ideas for how to make cricket flour into your favorite dishes?  Our team loves crafting and creating new recipes and products that feature a boost of protein and nutrition from our cricket powder.  We put together a few of our favorite cricket powder recipes and creations that you can make as a morning snack, a delicious baked goods, and more!  Check out our recipes below, or check out more recipes in digital and published “Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No Bull…” with over 50+ cricket recipes.

To view the full Cricket Flours recipe, simply click on the images below to find a full list of ingredients, baking directions, and insights we have found while cooking and experimenting with cricket flour.   If you have a suggestion for a cricket flour recipe you have tried or have a family recipe that you want to add to our list, please send us a message or contact our team directly here.

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What’s Your Next Recipe?

We have put together a bunch of recipes for you to try and experiment with but we love to hear what you are making too.  A few of our recipes have come from our customers that wanted to share their creations, so let us know what you are making or baking and can’t wait to connect with you!  Also make sure you are a part of our Cricket Newsletter for new recipe releases, special coupons, events and more!



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