Buy Cricket FlourGrowing up our family always had dietary restrictions due to food allergies. However, in 2013 our founder Charles B. Wilson learned that he needed to start incorporating alternative proteins and flours into his diet and started experimenting to find replacements for those ingredients such as wheat, dairy, and more.

After trying different alternative flours and proteins, Charles came across articles promoting the use of edible insects as a sustainable source of protein. Turns out those insects could also be made into a high protein powder and flour.

A few weeks later, the first batch of crickets arrived and Charles began experimenting with a multitude of different shakes and recipes to incorporate cricket powder in new ways. Soon family and friends we trying new crafted recipes and ideas and we knew we were onto something great.

Cricket Flours LLC was founded in 2014 to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of protein and nutrition for the world’s expanding population. Each of our cricket flour, roasted crickets, and cricket protein powder products provides enhanced protein and nutrition that are less processed than competing protein sources. While many articles talk about cricket protein as a NEW food ingredient, it is more of a rediscovery of something our ancestors already knew for a readily available protein and food source.

Our company is based here in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon, and from the beginning we knew we wanted to source our crickets as local as we could. So we established relationships directly with cricket farms that raise crickets for human consumption. All of our product lines use cricket flour and roasted crickets raised here in North America to reduce our own carbon footprint from shipping them from overseas and also to support the new edible insect industry growing here.

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson

Founder & CEO

Charles B. Wilson is the founder of Cricket Flours and is dedicated to bringing Cricket Flours products to consumer markets. Charles recently published the 2nd Edition of his “Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL…” with the release of our Kickstarter for our new Cricket Brownie Mix.

Did you know? Charles is an animal enthusiast, avid swimmer, and has been struck by lightning.

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