Edible Insect Cookbook (75+ Recipes)


Check out our newest publication of our Edible Insect Cookbook from our Cricket Flours team.  Our latest publication comes with delicious recipes, tips for baking with crickets, mealworms, and more with over 75+ edible insect recipes for you to try!



Cricket Flours Cookbook

Our team just finished releasing a new edition to our cookbook that now has over 75+ recipes for you to try out with your new cricket products!  The Edible Insect Cookbook contains recipes such as our Bacon Infused Cheese Muffins, Cricket Tacos, Topical Tropical Protein Shake, Cricket Dragon Smoothie, Balsamic Fig Dressing, Spicy Baked Peppers, Chocolate Cricket Crispies, Hazelnut Liquor Cake, Ginger Snap Cookies, and more.  We are excited for you to try out some of our favorite recipes and cannot wait to see what you make in your kitchens. Send us a photo of what you make and we would love to connect!  For larger wholesale orders click here.

We also carry a full line of edible insect products so make sure to check out our pure cricket powder, protein powders, all purpose baking flour mixes, ready-to-bake brownie mix, or our new line of roasted crickets!




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