Cricket Flours

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Made in Portland, Oregon

All of our crickets and edible insects are raised here in the US and in Canada so we know how they are being raised. Try our 100% Pure Cricket Powder, Cricket Brownie Mix, Cricket Bites, Cricket Salt and more!

As a family based business, we love working directly with our customers and all of our products are made in Portland, Oregon.

Introducing: Cricket Salt

Cricket Salt is made with our 100% Pure Cricket Powder and a combination of organic pink Himalayan salt and spices.  Add to meats, roasted veggies and your favorite recipes with flavors including our Himalayan Pink, Spicy Desert Heat and Cajun Spice.

Introducing: Cricket Bites

Cricket Bites are made from our roasted crickets and flavored to be eaten straight out of the pack.  Try all 5 flavors including our Roasted Original, Spicy Cayenne, Buffalo Wing Sauce, Hickory Smoked Bacon and Cheesy Ranch.

Explore Edible Insects!

Explore edible insects by getting starting with a few of our favorite delicious recipes!  While we also have a published cookbook with 50+ recipes, check out these featured recipes for great ideas for getting started with baking with cricket flour, and use roasted crickets and roasted mealworms in new ways.  So try our Chocolate Espresso Banana Bread, Frozen Cranberry Mango Smoothie, Cricket Flours Protein Pancakes and more by clicking below!

“When we first launched in 2014, not many people ever had the opportunity to try edible insects…this was a new idea.  It was a little bit cricket, and a little bit crazy.

But it is the experience of exploring the unknown that has continued to bring insects into the mainstream and we love being part of that journey with each our customers.”

– Charles B. Wilson (Founder)

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Have a question about our Cricket Flours products? We love to hear from our customers so send us a message using the form or give us a call directly at 503.383.9218.

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Edible insect recipes and cooking ideas


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