Ready to Eat Bugs & Edible Insects?

Made in Portland, Oregon

Edible insects are an amazing source of natural protein and nutrition with B12, Iron, Omega-3s, Omega-6s and more! You can now try our crickets and mealworms in products like our roasted and flavored lines, pure cricket powder, brownie mixes, and baking flours. Each of our products are made in Portland, Oregon and we raise all of our protein packed insects in the USA and Canada just for you. Check out some of our favorites above or view our whole product line in our shop.

“When we first launched in 2014, not many people ever had the opportunity to try edible insects…this was a new idea.  It was a little bit cricket, and a little bit crazy.

But it is the experience of exploring the unknown that has continued to bring insects into the mainstream and we love being part of that journey with each our customers.”

– Charles B. Wilson (Founder)
Edible Insect Recipes


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