Edible Insect Cricket Brownies Now Available at Pita Pit

Cricket Brownies now available at Pita Pit for a limited time! We are excited to announce that our very own Cricket Brownies are available at the Pita Pit located in Omaha, Nebraska at the corner of 120th and L Street.  Since we first launched our company, we have always loved crafting new collaborations and offering people a new way to try edible insects so they can eat bugs for the first time!  And this was the perfect opportunity we just had to jump at!

Fresh Baked Cricket Brownies in Omaha, Nebraska


Cricket Flour Cricket ProteinA few weeks back, we had a call with Pita Pit to discuss some of our products that they had wanted to try out with their customers, and our cricket brownies were the perfect fit.  Our brownies are made with over 150+ crickets per mix, and they are made with milled roasted crickets.  So they are a super-easy way for people to try eating bugs for the first time.  Crickets naturally have a slightly nutty taste, and when combined with the organic cocoa powder and baked, they create a delicious protein that has 2X the protein compared to other brownies.  

Currently, these brownies made with our cricket flour/powder are only available for a limited time so make sure to go check them out if you are in the area, or order in with their food delivery service options.  Enjoy!