Why Not Eat Insects?

  Buy on Amazon This is an annotated and illustrated edition of Vincent Holt’s Why Not Eat Insects?, first published in 1885. It also contains a contemporary review of the book from an American newspaper and the Executive Summary of the 2013 UN (FAO) Report...

Man Eating Bugs: The Art and Science of Eating Insects

Buy on Amazon The team behind the critically and popularly acclaimed anthropological photoessays MATERIAL WORLD and WOMEN IN THE MATERIAL WORLD make their debut on our list with this oddly tantalizing book about a subject that’s creeping into prominence: insects...

The Insect Cookbook

Buy on Amazon In The Insect Cookbook, two entomologists and a chef make the case for insects as a sustainable source of protein for humans and a necessary part of our future diet. They provide consumers and chefs with the essential facts about insects for culinary...
Lets Eat Bugs with Entomophagy


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