This morning we came in the Cricket Flours offices, and came across a news article from The Dallas Morning News in their Arts & Life section talking about cricket flour or cricket powder and how to get started with an article titled, “Jumpy about eating insects? Start with cricket flour.”

Overall the article does a great job talking about the edible insect market and some ideas about different ways to try using the powder for different cricket flour recipes in your baking, and they even tried a few recipes themselves!  In the article they feature a cricket flour recipe for a morning Scone that is adapted from a cricket flour cookbook.  However, they did note that Mark Cuban launched Chapul when it was presented on Shark Tank, but I would have used the word catapulted.  Pat Crowley, the founder of Chapul, had launched the company before the show with his products for a cricket protein bar and fundraising campaign, but the TV program did a great job to catapult the company to new levels with a national audience.

Our team loves watching the Shark Tank show, and they do have updates about Pat Crowley’s company with Mark Cuban, but here is a link to that first episode the article mentions: Mark Cuban Invests in Cricket Protein Bar Chapul

To read the full Texas cricket flour article about cricket powder and how to use cricket flour from the Dallas Morning News you can check it out by clicking here!