We posted this video on our LinkedIn page, but make sure to check out this amazing TED talk about the future of Entomophagy! It originally aired in 2010 and was the talk that inspired Chapul to start making protein bars out of crickets!

At Cricket Flours, we post a lot about cricket protein, cricket flour, cricket flours, cricket recipes, and other entomophagy topics.  However, industry leaders such as Marcel Dicke in his video titled, “Why Not Eat Bugs,” is a great resource for the cricket flour market.

In our own market of cricket flour, we often hear them say, “This isn’t what I expected.” Of course, this doesn’t only go for our cricket flour products, or cricket protein powders.  Not many people have actually tried eating insects, and might have never had the opportunity to try cricket flour or even know what it is.  The texture, taste, and consistency of our cricket flours and cricket protein powder continue to surprise our customers when they are able to use these products in their normal cooking mixes or cricket protein powders for workouts.