At some of our events we get a lot of questions about our products, inspiration, and who first thought about this “crazy” idea about using insects as a sustainable food and protein source?  We love those types of questions, and they are good ones.  Not a lot of people have tried crickets, or our milled cricket flour or cricket powder, so of course there would be questions.  However, we always like to remind people that we didn’t invent this industry, it is more of a rediscovery of something our ancestors all knew out of necessity.

We have a few other articles on the history of eating insects, and how to eat edible insects, but we wanted to share a snippet from a show that our team loves to watch for inspiration and great business advice.  For many that know about edible insects and have tried cooking with cricket flour, a company that many know is called Chapul.  A little over a year ago, Chapul was invited into the Shark Tank on ABC to present their company that uses crickets to make a cricket protein bar.  The founder, Pat Crowley, is a pioneer in the edible insect market and great to hear about his own personal inspiration behind why he first started experimenting and creating cricket protein bars and cricket protein bar recipes.

To find more recipes about how to make your own cricket protein bars or other delicious recipes, make sure to check out our recipe page or our published cookbook, “All Cricket, No BULL…”