Our team recently returned from a trip to Europe, and more specifically Germany and Poland.  While we were there on business, we had the amazing opportunity to talk with families, bakeries, and businesses about edible insects and how to incorporate cricket powder and cricket flour in new ways.  While this is still a new idea to many of them about how to use cricket powder in recipes (check here for some great ideas), they were very interested about how it could be done.

Throughout Europe breads and rolls are a big part of their daily routine.  Unlike here in the United States, most families live within walking or biking distance of their local bakery.  So the smell of fresh warm bread each morning is a staple, and a great way to get the day started we found out.

However, this morning we came across an interesting article that doesn’t have a direct focus on eating crickets or learning how to make a cricket protein bar, but does affect the industry for sure.  Recently there have been studies focused on the decline of flying insects across Germany.  In a recent article from BBC News, the reported studies have showed that over the past 30 years Germany has seen a 75% reduction of flying insects over the past 30 years.

This reduction was seen in private lands, farms, protected areas, and regionally which raises some interesting questions and concerns about the cause.  Causes might stem from land use, chemicals, invasive species, development, etc. but the truth is there is no clear conclusion as to the cause.  This declination is referred to as the windscreen phenomenon because of the reduced amount of bugs found on your windshield after driving with your car.

If you want to read more about the article and research, you can check out the full article here at BBC News available at: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-41670472.

Cricket in Europe