Edible Insect and Conventional Protein Comparison Graph

Last week we sent out our Cricket Newsletter and we received sooooo many amazing responses! We asked for some feedback and insights into how you are using our edible insects, what did you like, what you would like to see, and what did you want to see more of.  So if...
Decline in Flying Insects in Germany

Decline in Flying Insects in Germany

Our team recently returned from a trip to Europe, and more specifically Germany and Poland.  While we were there on business, we had the amazing opportunity to talk with families, bakeries, and businesses about edible insects and how to incorporate cricket powder and...

Edible by Daniella Martin

 Buy On Amazon Insects. They’re what’s for dinner. Can you imagine a world in which that simple statement is not only true but in fact an unremarkable part of daily life? Daniella Martin, entomophagist and blogger, can. In this rollicking excursion into the world of...
Lets Eat Bugs with Entomophagy


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