Cricket Protein PowderThis past month has been an amazing journey for our business.  Our team has been busy working on rolling out new product lines, live demonstrations, and more.  However, one of our founders just returned from a short business trip out to Japan where he was able to share some of our cricket flour and cricket protein powder, and they loved it!

Traveling to new cultures and experiencing new traditions is always an amazing opportunity.  When we arrived in Japan, we were surrounded by amazing people and a culture that is filled with honor, tradition, and family.

Some of our new friends had heard of cricket flour and some had even tried edible insects.  However, they had never tried some of our products such as our Peruvian Chocolate Cricket Flour or Cricket Fuel lines.  We decided to host a variety of talks, taste demonstrations and were able to make some delicious cricket flour smoothies and cricket flour shakes.  While it was just a short trip, we can’t wait to go back!