In case you follow our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts (or you do now) you will know that we spent the last week in Japan and it was an amazing experience.  The trip had nothing but everything to do with CRICKETS.

We help out with a few different non-profit organizations and the main purpose of this trip was to work with kids and communities in the Tokyo, Japan area.  However, traveling to new cultures and sharing our own is always an enlightening experience that continues to amaze us.  This past trip really drove home one of the driving reasons and mission for our company that is sustainability.

If you have ever had the honor to travel to Japan, it is surprising how clean their cities are and how important recycling is to their culture.  Even in downtown Tokyo while the streets are clean of trash it is often hard to even find a trash can or even recycling container.  Many families use reusable lunch containers like these bento boxes ( or when they have trash, they bring it home with them to sort and recycle at home.

There are so many great solutions to sustainability, and whether you choose to eat edible insects or not, it is really that mindset of sustainability that is most important.  Eating edible insects or cooking with cricket flour or cricket powder is a great option to have a reduced carbon footprint using a resource that uses less feed, water, and land than competing protein sources.  However it is that collective mindset of looking towards future generations that really resonated with us on this trip.


Japan Edible Insects