Technically, not a whole lot. But I just realized that it has been just over 2-years since we took a chance to travel over to Thailand to learn about the culture and raising of edible insects to help grow

We had been working on building the business throughout 2014, and had the opportunity to travel to Thailand. We jumped at the chance!  I had been developing different cricket flour products and ideas based on edible insects, but we really needed to see and experience a culture where this wasn’t a “new” (not really – check out this article on Paleo Cricket Flour) and crazy idea here in the United States for eating crickets.

I spent a few weeks traveling between different cities learning about the culture, edible insects, and really seeing how they view edible insects from their own culture.

It was truly eye opening, and an amazing time getting just a brief glimpse into a beautiful culture and land.

While we source all of our crickets from here in North America, I know I can’t wait to go back and hopefully I can meet up with my little, and now probably 600-lb, friend!

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Thailand Cricket Flour