This past week we had the amazing opportunity to meet with the staff of the Oregonian based in Portland, Oregon.  We got in touch with the announcement of our current Kickstarter for a new Cricket Salt (check out the Kickstarter here).  We love talking to people about how to eat insects or explaining about the sustainability potential behind using insects as a source of protein.  However, we love it even more when they get a chance or are brave enough to try some for themselves!

When eating crickets or using edible insects in recipes, the main hurdle is always having someone approach the idea with an open mind.  Growing up, not many people try cricket flour or make recipes using cricket protein.  Yet eating sushi or trying crawfish does not seem so foreign…but that is usually a case of them not being exposed to crickets as an option.  So we love sharing new recipes or having people try our Cricket Bites with their assorted flavors or even the Cricket Brownie Mix to help them dip their toes in the waters of entomophagy.

Here is the link to the full article from the Oregonian and also a video from the interview below:

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