This week our team arrived in Europe for a business trip for a few weeks. Specifically we will be traveling throughout Poland and Germany, and already the history and culture is amazing. Each town is steeped in stories as buildings and churches, older than our own country, are a normal part of their everyday lives. However, eating edible insects and products that contain cricket flour or cricket powder are not so normal. But that is ok because we have 3 perfect recipes that you can use to incorporate edible insects in order to start experimenting with a sustainable source of protein.

Cricket Brotchen
Supported by the state, many individuals throughout Germany and Poland incorporate delicious rolls and breads to start their mornings. Warm rolls and breads packed with seeds are paired with cheeses, meats, vegetables, and more. We wanted to find a way to use cricket protein in a new recipe to give people a chance to try our Cricket Flours products. So we found that using our Cricket Salt, we could spice up these rolls with a dash of salt was a perfect way to start the morning.

The Cricket Salt adds a dash of rich Himalayan salt sourced from the mountains and paired with our North American crickets that are raised for human consumption. The crickets naturally have a slightly nutty taste that pairs perfect with the brochen to start the day off right.

Cricket Pierogi
While traveling in Poland to towns such as Luben, Lubatsz, and Poznan you will often find a variety of different types of pierogi. These dishes are packed with flavors as the noodle pouches can be filled with meats, vegetables and now cricket powder. Mixing a tablespoon of cricket powder with the meat and vegetables was the perfect way to include another clean protein source without focusing on crickets for those wary to try them.

Often we find that when people are new to try edible insects and entomophagy, keeping the original form of the insect can be hard for them. While it doesn’t often change the taste either way, it can be hard to get past their preconceived notions about what it might taste like. So instead of trying a dish for the first time and experiencing the variety of flavors, they are trying to find what taste is coming from the cricket, and this distracting them from the flow of flavors across their pallets. So mixing the cricket powder in a recipe this way is a great way to get a boost of protein for the family, and give those who may be wary of trying crickets a new way to experience this dish.

Cricket Spiced Potatoes
For our third perfect recipe to try out here in Europe we wanted to use crickets to spice up a dish that is commonly used in every household. Whether a family uses sides of cabbage or beets, or a main dish of pork or chicken, it is often accompanied by a serving of cooked potatoes. Baked or boiled, these potatoes are a staple to many households so we wanted to give them new life with our Cricket Flours recipe ideas.

Potatoes became a great way to use cricket protein as a spice and added flavor. We mixed our Cricket Salt with dried herbs to top off what would be a normal serving of potatoes to give life and flavor to an otherwise normal side dish.

If you want to check out more recipes with ingredients and instructions, check out our Cricket Flour Recipes.  While our new Cricket Salt isn’t yet available in our online store for edible insects, our Kickstarter will be launching soon so check out our Blog for news and updates for the big announcement!


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