Thailand Cricket Flour

Cricket Flour ThailandWe are back!  For those of you just checking in, we were invited to present our business at an international event held in Bangkok, Thailand this February.  It was an amazing opportunity not only for our cricket flour business, but to also learn about an amazing culture and people.  For ourselves, we knew that there was a large market for crickets and cricket flour in Thailand from our research, but to travel to the country and learn first hand was amazing.

Cricket Flour in Thailand

Out of all the companies that applied, we were 1 of 16 that made it to the final rounds to present our businesses and operations.  While we were the only company selling cricket flour and talking about where to buy cricket flour, each team had a sustainability and environmentally friendly focus to their business.  We pitched our business with other businesses with products such as an app to improve the recycling systems in Brazil, or a new patent that seeks to improve the efficacy of seed germination, etc.  In the end it was inspiring to see each company truly working to make the world a better place for future generations.  We know it is not going to be done with one single idea, or single serving  of cricket flour.  But it is the collaborative effort from minds like those that will make it happen.

The Money Channel TV Features Cricket Flour

Cricket Flour on Money ChannelIn the end, we made it into the final round and presented our cricket flour business and cricket protein products that were also featured exclusively on the Money Channel TV.  We ended up placing in the Top 4 at the event, and were amazed to be awarded prizes and a personal thank you from the Representative of the King of Thailand.  After speaking with the King’s Representative, we got a chance to talk to him about our business and mission behind Cricket Flours and also give him a signed copy of our newest publication “All Cricket, No BULL…” to share with the King.