We are excited to announce that the 2015 Cricket Cook-Off was an amazing success!  We provided our Cricket Flours: 100% Pure products and ingredients to local home and professional chefs that crafted a delicious array of entrees, desserts, and more that were available for the public to come sample at the event.  Each visitor to the event was given a vote to place for the Crowd Favorite, and a guest panel of judges came around to each cricket flours creation to taste and vote on their favorite creations.

Our chefs did an amazing job and crafting new dishes from and recipes for the Cricket Cook-Off and we wanted to cultivate some of those recipes here from our guest Cricket Flours chefs for you to try.  We will continue to add new dishes and recipes from the cricket flours event below so make sure to check back in for new cricket flours recipes and cricket meals.

Cricket Flours Recipes – Cricket Cook-Off 2015

Chirp Povitica (Delectable Croatian Nut Roll)