Oregon Cricket Flours

We are excited to be heading out to the Big Mix event tomorrow in Eugene, Oregon to talk about our company and the edible insect and Cricket Flours Oregon market!  Our company was invited because of our recent Cricket Flours Kickstarter for the new Cricket Brownie Mix that can be found here.

While we will have a table, display, and full array of our Cricket Flours products to purchase, the event is a great opportunity for anyone that has ever thought about or completed their own crowdfunding campaign.  The event will be hosted at the Hult Center of Performing Arts located at 1 Eugene Ctr., Eugene, OR 97401 from 1-5pm.  We hope to see you there and make sure to stop by our booth and say hi!

Also if you are looking to buy Cricket Flours products, we can also have your order waiting there for you as well.  Just let us know or send an email here.  Thanks!