Cricket Protein Powder

We are excited and extremely honored to announce that we were chosen as the crowd favorite at the Willamette Angel Conference 2015!  We were invited to present our company and pitch our business in a short presentation and then live Q&A asking us about our cricket flour and cricket protein products and business.

There were a lot of great companies that showcased their new and exciting products and businesses.  After all the companies finished presenting to the crowd, the Willamette Angels were then asked to vote and choose their favorite business and company.  After the voting finished, our company was announced as the winner!  We are so honored to have won, and can’t wait to use the winnings to help grow our Oregon based company.

To show our thanks, we created a special coupon for the Willamette Angel to give a special 15% Discount off of your order from our cricket flour store.  To access your discount, enter in the coupon code “WAC2015” in your shopping cart before checking out before June 15th, 2015.  Thanks!