Are you ready to watch ABC’s the Shark Tank tonight?  While our normally tunes in to watch the Shark Tank each week to learn more about entrepreneurs and businesses, this week is especially exciting!  This week a cricket company is going to be featured on the show and it will be great to see how they do and we hope they get what they are looking for.

If you are new to the show, companies apply to be on the show to pitch their businesses for investments from a panel of successful business men and women.  Often the companies will exchange a portion of the equity in their business for a capital investment, but sometimes the deals don’t work out too and no deals are made.  A few seasons back, another company called Chapul was showcased on Shark Tank and received an investment from Mark Cuban so we can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

Shark Tank Cricket Flour

We are putting together our own viewing party tonight for the show, and even put together a brand new cricket flour recipe for our Cricket Chips/Crackers that you can check out here.

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