Whether you are a seasoned cricket farmer, or a beginner looking for more information and cricket breeding tips, packaging tape is a great resource and tool for starting a cricket farm.  Once you start your cricket breeding, you will very soon come to realize that newly hatched nymphs, or baby crickets, are tiny.  Because they are so small it is important that you keep your cricket breeding container for newly hatched crickets separate from the adults so they do not become food for the larger crickets.

However, once you have separated the eggs and nymphs in a new cricket breeding container you may soon notice that they are able to escape out of the aquarium, tank, or enclosure.  When the nymphs are newly hatched, their feet are so tiny that they can often climb the walls of the tank, or climb up the seams of the enclosure depending on your cricket farm design.  The key, is to use a strip of packaging tape along the top of your cricket breed tank.  Place the tape about 75-80% up on the wall of the tank.  The packaging tape material is too slick for the baby crickets to get a good hold, and will not be able to climb up and out of your cage.

Some cricket farms may recommend placing double-stick tape at the top of the cricket breeding tank, but this is a great way to not harm your crickets and increase your cricket farm yields.  Whereas the double-stick tape will trap them at the top where they might die from thirst or hunger, the packaging tape just restricts their grip and allows them to remain in the cricket breed tank.