The Giant Weta is the heaviest insect in the world.  Dating back to the time of the dinosaurs, the giant weta has not changed much, and has grown so large that they can’t jump.  In total there are eleven species of giant weta, and they are unique to the country of New Zealand.  Often referred to as the worlds largest insect, or the largest insect on earth, the giant weta can measure 4 in. in length not including the legs and antennae.

The giant weta gained world-wide attention as the heaviest cricket, or the biggest insects, when a captive female giant weta weighed in at an impressive 70g or 2.5 oz.  To put the size of this giant weta into perspective, the female giant weta was heavier than a sparrow.  While the heaviest insect was unmated and retained a large amount of eggs, the giant weta continues to amaze the world due to it’s sheer size and weight.

The giant weta is a nationally endangered species of New Zealand, and the country has invested in launching breeding programs to help reestablish the giant weta after human interaction and the introduction of nonnative species to their habitats.  To learn more about the giant weta breeding program, click here.