Have you tried eating a mealworm? This is definitely a conversation starter and not usually something brought up on a first date, but it is an important one to have. At least at Cricket Flours we think so…

Currently throughout the United States, the edible insect market is still growing and niche when compared to the rest of the world. In fact, if someone has tried a eating a bug before it is most often a cricket or was in a protein bar or something similar. However there are thousands of options…actually around 2,000 edible insect options at the current count.

Edible insects such as mealworms are 2nd most popular option currently available throughout the US. At least on a commercial farming scale. There are many local options available too if you know how to find local edible insects and know what to look out for when foraging. But mealworms are a great option for those wanting to try eating a new bug.

Mealworms have a more aromatic smell compared to crickets, and don’t come with any legs, antennae, or wings that you have to worry about…they are just the larval stage of the beetle, so not a true worm, but they look pretty close to it. Roasted mealworms have a rich nutty flavor and taste, and have hints of almond and macadamia nuts when baked into foods or eaten straight out of the pack.

We are currently still expanding our own production of edible insects such as mealworms, and all of ours are raised here in the United States and Canada if you want to try some for yourself. Just let us know what you think they taste like and we can’t wait to hear what you think! Check them out here on our website or on Amazon.