The news recently has covered a lot of great stories about edible insects, roasted crickets, and even cockroach milk!  A lot of the world currently eats insects, but for many people living in the US and Western cultures, this is a new idea.  Eating roasted crickets for added protein and as a snack is not something you commonly find on menus, but to many of our ancestors this wouldn’t seem so strange.  It is really an idea that dates back to find local and sustainable sources of protein from an abundant source: edible insects.

Launching Dried Crickets & Roasted Cricket Product Lines

When we first launched in 2014 there were only a handful of companies making products in the US with edible insects, and now there are over 350+.  We recently launched our roasted cricket line of products to provide an easy snack option that tastes slightly nutty and even like a rice puff, but with added protein.  Roasted crickets can be eaten straight out of the pack, used in roasted cricket baking recipes, or mixed with your favorite spices or dip recipes for a delicious sustainable protein option.

Roasted Cricket Edible Insect

When searching for roasted crickets to buy or where to buy roasted crickets, you will want to look to where they are sourced from.  Although crickets can be found out in the wild, crickets are omnivores and will eat anything and that could include pesticides or other ingredients.  We source our crickets from farms based here in North America and that are raised for human consumption so we know how they are raised and what they are fed.  The crickets are then slow roasted to cook and prepare them for our Cricket Bites packaging and new flavor lines of mixed roasted crickets.