We are excited to announce that our new line of organic roasted crickets are now launched in our online store! We will be adding more options over the new month, but these roasted crickets are all raised on FDA registered farms for human consumption and fed an organic and non-GMO diet to make sure we get the best crickets for our product lines.  This first release is our Roasted Original flavor of roasted crickets that naturally have a slightly nutty taste for those looking to buy crickets or try crickets in a new dish or snack.

Interested in Trying Roasted Crickets?

To check out our new Cricket Bites – Roasted Original flavor click here to view the product in our store to try it in our 2-pack resealable pouches.

Dried Crickets

Why Crickets?  Cricket Nutrition?

Crickets are naturally a great source of protein and nutrition that come from a sustainable and environmentally friendly source.  When someone asks, “Why crickets?” it is often a conversation about rediscovering a protein and food source that our ancestors commonly ate because of their availability and abundance in nature.  While our crickets are raised in farms to make sure there are no pesticides and the correct feed for their diets, crickets are a complete protein source and great to use in recipes, or even as a snack.

To learn more about the cricket nutrition available in our products, check out this cricket nutritional value article with information on cricket amino acids and more by clicking here.  Also you can view the nutritional panel on any of our products on our store pages by viewing the product and clicking through the product gallery.

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