If you are like me, we have the best intentions of eating right.  When I go to the store, I head to the vegetable aisle first because I know I’ll forget otherwise and know I should be eating more of them.

However, the problem is when I get back home.

I know I need to eat more leafy greens, but the problem comes down to preparing them right.  Personally, I can only have salad with some type of dressing so often.  I need something more to spice things up.

Toasted almonds…perfect.  Fresh fruit…even better.

This past week I was looking through my options and realized I hadn’t made a salad in long time using my own products!  I know, crazy :)  So I decided to change that.

I decided to use a great combination of mixed leafy greens, fresh cut strawberries, a raspberry vinaigrette, and then topped it off with some of Cricket Bites.  (If you haven’t had a chance to try our Cricket Bites, they are made with our roasted crickets raised here in North America.  Check out all 5 flavors here.)

Instead of using almonds or walnuts for a boost of protein, the Cricket Bites were a perfect option for a natural protein crouton if you will.  I tied a combination of our Roasted Original and Cayenne Spicy Peppers for a little bit of kick to the salad, and it was a great choice.  The Cricket Bites give a boost of protein with 5g of protein per pack, and give a naturally nutty taste almost like a rice puff.

If you want to check out the salad I made, check out the photo below.  But let us know what your favorite salad recipe is and I would love to try it!  We have made some of our own vinaigrette before using cricket powder, but I am always game to try a new flavor combination with my salad.  Just send me a message here. Thanks!

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