Cricket ChocolateWe are excited to announce the release of our new Cricket Fudge Sauce launching this month in Portland, Oregon!  We have working a few new products throughout the past few months and are launching our new Cricket Fudge Sauce here in Portland, Oregon with a launch party at the grand opening of new ice cream store here in town.

The Cricket Fudge Sauce is the newest edition to our Cricket Flours product line and includes 11g of protein and contains over 180 crickets per jar from our premium milled cricket powder for added nutrition.  This Cricket Fudge Sauce is great to add as an ice-cream topping, in shakes/desserts, and is a great way to try cricket protein as a new sustainable and alternative protein source.  While we do have other products such as our Cricket Flours: 100% Pure with more crickets per serving, this delicious recipe was inspired by Great Aunt Myrtle’s famous recipe to make our favorite guilty pleasure, our new Cricket Fudge Sauce.

We will be having more details coming soon about the launch party set for September 18th, 2015, but if you are in the Portland area and would like to try the new Cricket Fudge Sauce and want to meet one of the founders to pick up your order just click on the link below. Thanks!

Click HERE to Purchase our new Cricket Fudge Sauce!

(Available for pickup only in Portland, Oregon area)

Cricket Chocolate