Our Cricket Flours team is excited to announce the upcoming release of our newest product, a new Cricket Brownie Mix that is gluten free, delicious, and ready-to-bake!  We have spent the last year fine-tuning our product development, customer tastings, and production processes to prepare for this new release.  We found that a lot of customers loved baking and sharing our products with their friends and family to have them try out our Cricket Flours.  So we decided to launch a Cricket Brownie Mix that tastes just like your favorite chocolate brownie mix, but that actually has less sugar and calories than boxed mixes you might find on store shelves but with TWICE the protein!

The Cricket Brownie Mix is our newest product and has over 12+ crickets per brownie and is a great way for people to try delicious brownies, learn about sustainability and environmentally friendly sources of protein, and create something they can share with the whole family.

Our Cricket Flours team will be launching our Kickstarter project on February 1st, 2016, and we would love your continued support with this new product.  For this new product we wanted to get it into the hands of our friends and family, current customer and Kickstarter backers, and into stores near you!  To successfully launch this project we need $25,000 to purchase the ingredients, packaging, labels, and to start the initial production run to make this a reality.  We will be posting the full link for the Kickstarter page once we launch on February 1st, 2016 but you will also be able to check out the project once it launches under the listed projects by clicking here.  Until then check out our project video below and thank you again for your continued support and can’t wait for you to try our Cricket Brownie Mix!