Cricket ChocolateWe are excited to be announcing the official launch of our new Cricket Fudge Sauce from our Cricket Flours team!  This new fudge sauce is a delicious compliment to your favorite desert and taste buds.  The Cricket Fudge Sauce is made with our premium milled Cricket Flours ingredients to add more protein and nutrition to one of our family’s treasured recipes.  We will be launching the new product this weekend with free taste testings, music, face painting, and more as we celebrate the launch and the grand opening of a new Subzero Ice Cream store at Washing Square Mall.

Cricket Fudge Sauce Launch Party Details

The Cricket Flours launch party will be taking place this Saturday at the Washington Square Mall from 12-9pm.  We will be having free taste testings and events for the whole family.  In addition you can add the new Cricket Fudge Sauce to your favorite ice cream recipe at Subzero where they make your ice cream from scratch in front of each customer with liquid nitrogen.  We will also be selling the new fudge sauce in our 8oz glass jars for you to enjoy the Cricket Fudge Sauce at home with each serving having over 2g of protein and over 180+ crickets per jar.

Date:  Saturday September 19th, 2015

Time:  12-9pm

Address:  SUBZERO ICE CREAM: 9585 SW Washington Square Rd., Portland, OR 97223

Cricket Chocolate

Cricket Flours USA


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