Spicy Baked Peppers with Cricket Flour

This new cricket flour recipe  is the ultimate party food appetizer. These spicy baked peppers feature a spicy combination of four cheeses, chili powder, white pepper, red pepper flakes and Cricket Flours powder. These can easily be sliced into smaller, bite-size...

Cricket Flours Radio

We are so excited to release our recent interview with Radio Disney Portland! Radio Disney invited Cricket Flours to come to their Portland station and talk more about our company and what we are doing with cricket flours. Not only was the Radio Disney studio amazing,...

Share Your Cricket Flour Recipes!

We love to hear from our customers and know how you are using your Cricket Flour!  If you have a delicious recipe to share, or have a great family recipe that you would like us to try with our cricket flour, let us know by using the form below.  Thanks! Your Name...

How to Make Cricket Flour

Recently in the news, there have been many multiple companies that have released new cricket flour and cricket protein products.  While there are some products that serve full insects and crickets in their products, many of these new products use cricket flour in...
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