Crafting New Recipes with Cricket Flours

Worm Salt and Cricket Salt Drink RecipeAt Cricket Flours, we love collaborations.  Whether that is with culinary chefs, mixologists, restaurants, students, home cooks, etc. we love it all.  Due to the nature of edible insects, there are so many ways to use them in new recipes and incorporate them in your family’s favorite recipes.  However, we recently came across a culinary artist, Lora Lee, that truly caught our eye with her drinks and recipes in a local foodie group based here in Oregon.

We kept seeing her publish posts in the group with recipes and new drinks that truly seemed to jump off the page…and that was before we added crickets!  Her keen eye, delectable ingredients and amazing ideas for coupling new flavors is astounding.  So we asked her to check out our line of Cricket Salts to try her hand at coming up with some fun new recipes for you to try at home.

For these new recipes we sent her our signature Cricket Salt: Himalayan Pink, Spicy Desert Heat with Trinidad scorpion peppers and our Cajun Spice mixes.  Soon we received amazing recipes like her Spicy Mangorita, Cricket Cajun Spiced Lime, Pineapple Desert Heat, Cajun Bloody Mary, and more.  Check out here recipes using the links below and don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter for more recipes, exclusive promotions/coupons, and live events.

Introducing Guest Culinary Artist Lore Lee

Hello, my name is Lora Lee. I am a food connoisseur and just started experimenting with making cocktail recipes about a year go. I hope you enjoy some of my creations and I’m excited to share more creations in the future. Please follow me on Instagram @loraleesignaturedrinks.

See more of Lora’s new recipes down below:



Interested in Collaborations?

Are you interested in learning more about Cricket Flours or collaborating with us to craft new recipes?  We love that and cannot wait to hear from you.  To get started, head over to our Contact page and send our team an email to introduce yourself and let us know a little about what you are working on.