“Where Can I Buy Cricket Flour?”

Where can I buy cricket flourDo you live in California and like FREE shipping?  We just came back from an amazing trip out to San Francisco and Los Angeles and met a lot of great people and new friends interested in trying our cricket flour products.  However, because not a lot of stores carry cricket flour products or products with cricket flour protein,  the recurring question was “Where can I buy cricket flour?” While our cricket flour products will soon be on store shelves, we wanted to start offering FREE SHIPPING deals to different locations for a limited time so that it is easy to try our products.

So for the next 4-DAYS we are offering FREE Shipping on all of our Cricket Flours products to California from April 7th, 2015 – April 10th, 2015 at 11:59pm (PST)!

Buy Cricket Flour Online: FREE Shipping

How does our FREE Shipping to California work?  Take a look at our store and line of products such as our 100% Pure Cricket Flour, Peruvian Chocolate Cricket Flour, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cricket Flour, or All-Purpose Cricket Baking Flour and decide which cricket flour product or cricket protein flavor you are interested in.  There’s no minimum or limit to how many you want to try.  Just choose your favorite cricket flour products to try, and send us an email at CAFriends@CricketFlours.com and let us know which ones.  We’ll then send you a custom link with FREE shipping on your custom order.  It’s that easy!

As always, we also include a FREE PDF of our recent cricket flour cookbook called, “All Cricket, No Bull…” that includes some our award winning cricket flour recipes and treats for you to share with the whole family.  Enjoy!