Looking for more information on Cricket Nutrition?

We receive a lot of questions through our contact page, live events, and from individuals interested in trying cricket flour or cricket protein for the first time.  However, an important question that many have is about cricket nutrition.  Because eating insects is a new experience for many people, learning how to cook with cricket flour and looking at the cricket nutrition are a great place to start.  We understand that, and wanted to provide some more insights in our cricket nutrition and cricket amino acids that come from our crickets raised here in North America specifically for human consumption.

Cricket Nutrition and Cricket Amino Acids

Below is a sample of the cricket nutrition and cricket amino acids from nutritional testing conducted on some of our products such our Cricket Flours: 100% Pure Cricket Powder. The following numbers are provided to the best of knowledge and are the cricket amino acid assay group testing results for our cricket nutrition and cricket amino acids.

Cricket Flour Nutrition

Nutrition in Cricket Flour Powder

Cricket Flour Amino Acids

Cricket Amino Acids