Check out this new video titled, “Should We All Be Eating Insects,” written/created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.  In the video, we are asked the question about whether we should all be eating insects, and if we don’t, why?  Looking at the nutritional components, we know that crickets and insects are nutritious and environmentally friendly.  Studies have even shown that when you compare insects to beef and chicken, not only are they packed with protein but they are full of calcium, zinc and iron.

Insect and Cricket Flour Nutrition

However, nutrition is only one of the many great reasons to incorporate insects, crickets, or cricket flour into your own diet.  Looking at the amount of land needed for agriculture and farming, and the demand for water required to produce beef, there are many environmental and sustainability arguments in support of incorporating insects or crickets into our diets.  While the eastern cultures already incorporate insects into their diets, the western world has only just began to eat insects or use cricket flour in their recipes and products.  To learn more, click on the video below!