Welcome to the 62d Annual Meeting for ESA 2014!

Our team just checked in to ESA 2014 here at the Oregon Convention Center located in Portland, OR.  The theme for ESA 2014 is, “Grand Challenges Beyond Our Horizons,” and the amount of panelists, talks, presentations, and members is staggering.  Since registering early this morning, we have already met numerous scientists and even students here for the conference and focused on the topic of entomology. 

We started off the morning attending the member symposium: Design and Management of Agroecosystems for Functional Biodiversity, and are about to get started again with our next set of panels for the afternoon session at ESA 2014.

If you are interested in entomology, entomophagy, insects, science, or just want to come learn something new, I definitely recommend checking out the programming for this years ESA 2014.  The conference is running throughout the week with new numerous events and exhibitions.  Let us know if you decide to come and we would love to meet you in person: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.   Thanks!