This week we are showcasing one of our new recipes being added to our next edition of the “Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL…” by Charles B. Wilson. Our new Crickets, Cheese & Crackers appetizer is sure to hit the spot and turn heads at your next dinner party or family picnic. A delicious combination of rich colors and bright flavors, this Cricket Flours appetizer recipe is truly eye-catching. For this recipe we really wanted to pair the bright flavors of fresh blueberries and Oregon made cheeses from Tillamook to form a delicious combination. We chose to use an extra sharp aged cheddar and a pepper jack cheese and pair those with an almond cracker but try playing around with your family favorites too!


1/3 cup fresh blueberries
2 tablespoons sliced almonds
Sliced extra sharp cheddar cheese
Sliced pepper jack cheese
1 package of almond crackers
2 tablespoons of Cricket Bites: Roasted Original


  • With the ingredients laid out, start by plating your appetizer with your selected crackers and cheese. Next add the sliced almonds and place the blueberries and roasted crickets. Also try playing around with your favorite crackers and other fresh ingredients like apples and kiwis for even more ideas for your next dinner party. Enjoy!

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