Cinnamon Baked Apple

This recipe for our Cinnamon Baked Apple with Cricket Flour is delicious, easy, and fast to make for tasty desert.  While we made this one in the microwave, you can also cook these in the oven as well for larger servings or for a party.  For an individual dessert we...
Cricket Flours Protein Pancakes Recipe

Cricket Flours Protein Pancakes Recipe

Looking for a new pancake recipe? Try our pancake recipe made with Cricket Flours All Purpose Baking Flour for a boost of protein and nutrition. These pancakes take only 5 minutes to prepare and make around 6-8 fluffy pancakes your family will love. For this recipe we...

All Purpose Baking Cricket Flour

We have received a lot of questions about our cricket flour recipes and different recipe mixes.  We are currently developing a new line of gluten-free baking flour, but we wanted to post a recipe that everyone can use to make their own baking flour enhanced with...
Lets Eat Bugs with Entomophagy


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