Share Your Cricket Flour Recipes!

We love to hear from our customers and know how you are using your Cricket Flour!  If you have a delicious recipe to share, or have a great family recipe that you would like us to try with our cricket flour, let us know by using the form below.  Thanks!...

Cricket Flour Brownie Recipe

Looking for a killer Cricket Flour Brownie Recipe?  We have it.  This past weekend we worked with a gluten-free baker, Susette Wilson, to take one of her favorite gluten-free recipe and make some tasty brownies using our new Cricket Flour baking mix.  The recipe below...

Cinnamon Cricket Flour Muffins

Our team spent this past weekend perfecting our newest Cricket Flour baking mix, and created a delicious recipe for our Cinnamon Cricket Flour Muffins.  These muffins are packed with protein and nutrients, and taste delicious!  Look below to find the full list of...
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