Whether you are looking to add more protein to your current nutritional intake, or looking into starting a Ketogenic Diet, we decided to put together some general guidelines together for starting a Keto Diet Food List. The Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet is a focus on tuning your food intake to a low-carb, and a low-carb high fat diet. Because the body reduces the intake of high carbs the body will produce lower amounts of glucose and insulin, and keytones are created and used for energy.

We decided to put together some graphics to show the types of food that you should be eating and what you should not be eating as part of the Ketogenic Diet. Overall remember that the focus is to reduce the amount of the carbs eaten and increase the protein and fats. So foods such as grains, roots/tubers, fruits, etc. should be removed or reduced in your keto meal plan. Whereas foods such as meats (cricket flour and cricket protein), leafy greens, fats such as coconut oil or high fat dairy are popular options.  The following ratios and amounts are not to scale with what you will want in your own Keto Diet Food List but this helps give a picture about the types of foods to include.

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Keto Diet


What is a Ketogenic Diet

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