BUGS – Introduction video to entomophagy is a video by Alexis Zacchi

Entomophagy and Why Insect Protein Can Save The World

In this video by Alexis Zacchi, the focus is on the different aspects of why entomophagy is so important to having a healthy and sustainable food chain for current and future generations.  Currently, a large portion of the world’s population eats beef that is raised and fed with crops that could also be used for human consumption.  When we compare eating beef, to eating insects or using cricket flour in our diets, it is important to take into account how many resources went into creating those products.  In addition to the resources consumed, it is also important to understand the efficiency of the process and the by products as well when we consider ways entomophagy and eating insects or cricket flour can help save the world.

BUGs — Introduction to entomophagy from Alexis Zacchi on Vimeo.