Cricket Flour Recipe

This avocado protein smoothie packs a healthy punch of protein, healthy fats (oleic acid), over 14 types of minerals, fiber and more! Not many people consider avocados when creating their own smoothies and shakes, but they are a great option to switch things up in your daily routine for delicious flavors and added nutrition.  While visiting with some family friends from Brazil, we started sharing our favorite recipes and decided to create a new rendition of a popular smoothie flavor from Sao Paulo, Brazil. With only a few ingredients, this smooth protein and nutrient dense smoothie is a great morning or afternoon treat!

Avocados contain almost 8% of your daily fiber, and naturally have the least amount of sugar compared to other fruits.  And yes they are a fruit, just one that is neglected for smoothie recipes.  While this smoothie does have a creamy and smooth texture, the added fiber, protein and healthy fats really help curb your appetite for a delicious smoothie recipe.

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In a blender add together all of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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