Triple Layer Brownies with Cricket Protein

Looking for a new recipe to try?  Check out our new Triple Layer Brownies with Cricket Protein.  This chocolate brownie recipe is a crowd favorite for any family gathering, party, pot luck, or event.  The added Cricket Flours and cricket protein are a great...

GHIRARDELLI Cricket Flours Brownies

For this new batch of Cricket Flours Brownies, we wanted to see how our new Cricket Flours products did when we replaced it 1-for-1 with the recommended all purpose flour.  So far, we have been experimenting with our new Cricket Flours All Purpose Baking Flour mix and...

Cricket Flour Brownie Recipe

Looking for a killer Cricket Flour Brownie Recipe?  We have it.  This past weekend we worked with a gluten-free baker, Susette Wilson, to take one of her favorite gluten-free recipe and make some tasty brownies using our new Cricket Flour baking mix.  The recipe below...
Lets Eat Bugs with Entomophagy


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