A lot of our visitors to the website ask, “Where can I buy cricket flour?”  Here of course.  However, it is important to know what you are looking for and whether it is what you want.

Where Can I Buy Cricket Flour?

When purchasing cricket flour, always look for the the information behind the product.  Ask where the cricket flour is sourced.  Is the cricket flour sourced here in the USA for human consumption?  Or was the cricket flour flown in from another country, or even from another continent?  Also make sure you know exactly what is in the cricket flour you are buying.  Because of the historical background to the name, some people are confused to find out that cricket flour can not be used for baking without adding additional flours.  Or that cricket flours and cricket protein powder will sometimes refer to the same product.

The point, is to make sure you know the type of cricket flour you are buying and that it will work for your purposes.  If you are looking for where you can buy cricket flour to bake with, then you might need a mix or at least a recipe of what flours you can add.  However, if you are looking for 100% Pure Cricket Flour, then make sure that the cricket flour you are buying is not being diluted with other flours or powders such as cocoa.

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