What Our Customers Are Saying

“Ranch (Cricket Bites) never tasted so good :)”

- Jessica

“I ate a cricket!!!”

- Laura

“My favorite Cricket Bites flavor is the Cheesy Ranch and Spicy Cayenne Peppers – great products! I look forward to seeing it in my local grocer.”

- Justin Wolf

”I think the brownies were really good! I think the idea of cricket powder is great!”

- Milena

“Thank you Cricket Flours. We’ve used the chocolate peanut butter cricket flour in a zucchini bread and it tasted great. I’m looking forward to trying the instant oatmeal and the other Flours on my next order. The nutrition for these products is so much stronger than other foods, and it tastes great. When I read about how most of the rest of the world enjoys cricket products as part of their daily diet, it was an easy sell to my entire family. Looking forward to trying all of your products!”

- Barry Freeman

“Charlie, just tried a Cricket Protein Oreo Mud Pie shake at Wayback Burgers in Medford. I actually bought two and gave one away to a friend to try. YUM DUDE! Delicious and I didn’t chirp once :) Can’t wait for them to get to Portland. Winner!”

- Tim Bonino

“This stuff is great! I love having a protein that isn’t laden with additives and junk chemicals – I want my body getting the good stuff. It mixes well and tastes great. Cricket Flours is the way to go!”

- Thanh Vo

“As avid foodies, we are completely open to new cooking experiences & recipes. When we heard about Cricket Flours, we were excited to try out an alternative to all-purpose white flour. We knew that Cricket Flour was used for baking purposes, but our inclination was to try it with savory recipes. The day we received our Cricket Flour we prepared a Parmesan chicken recipe for dinner substituting Cricket Flour for regular flour. It was delectable! To top it off, since Cricket Flour provides more protein than regular flour, we felt more full and satisfied with smaller proportions. We could not be more pleased and we look forward to making Cricket Flour a staple ingredient in our home kitchen!”

- Alyssa Windell & Andrew Powell

”Loved it! Exciting!!!”

- Susan War

”We came all the way from California to visit Roloff Farms, and we love it!”

- Tilton Family

“It’s been on my “To Do” list for quite some time to be able to use cricket flour as part of my daily protein intake, and now I’m lucky enough to do so! There’s no denying the sustainability of cricket flour and that means so much to me as a consumer. Better for the environment and delicious? Sign me up!”

- Anne Haugaard

“I was a little skeptical at first, however, I am glad I tried Cricket Flour. I am an endurance athlete and need high quality protein for before and after my workouts. I was challenged to do the Whole 30 program during January 2015…so I had to find a good alternative to my usual protein shakes. Thank you for a quality product and prompt customer service.”

- Jacolyn Wheatley

“Not only do I think Cricket Flours is a great idea, but I have been fortunate enough to try the product already in brownie form. Delicious! Not only are Cricket Flours products tasty and healthy, but good for our environment. It is a win all around! I look forward to supporting their products in the future.”

- Jordan Bailey

“I’ve been waiting for something like Cricket Flour for a long time. I love backpacking and this stuff is not only delicious, it is a great source of protein and carbs at light weight. Perfect for powering though a long day on the trail!”

- Alexis John

“I would “totally’ use it. How much does it cost? I’m not feeling any crunchies :)”

- Shelly (Oregon Quarterly Magazine)

“Very tasty fudge sauce.”

- Diangelo

“Simply amazing!”
- The Ellie Crew

“The Cinnamon Cricket Flour muffins are some of the best I’ve ever tasted in my life. I ate my first one 5 minutes into a meeting, at the end of an hour, I had eaten 6.”
- Nate Gurol

“What amazing fudge sauce!”
- Christine

“It’s so nice to be able to include my son in a healthy lifestyle that with a tasty new protein shake that is natural, and safe for us both to enjoy! We love Cricket Flours!”
- MaryPat & Benjamin

“I was skeptical about trying cricket flours at first but understand it is a good source of protein so was willing to give it a try. I’ve had it in smoothies, milkshakes and baked goods and have found you really can’t taste that it’s there . . . a good way to get extra protein!”
- The Goodners

”I tried the cricket protein powder the other day at a start up event. I was quite impressed by the taste. However, I am even more excited about the Eco-friendly alternative to existing protein powders.

Keep up the good work!”

- Eric Harvey

“Sooooo much yum yum in my tum tum.”
- Matthew Gurnick

“I was a little hesitant to try the all cricket protein powder, but I’m glad I did! I mix in a scoop of the powder with my protein shakes and I can’t taste a difference. Once I got over the stigma of what I was eating, the nutritional benefits became obvious. I’m glad I decided to give it a try.”
- Chris Beattie

“I love your crickets!”
- Zach Priesto

“Fun and interesting – thanks for the taste!”
- Andrea Family

“Cant wait for my order to arrive! For someone like myself who is extremely particular about his foods ingredients, this Cricket Protein Powder looks like it’s going to be a game changer!”
- Bryan Edwards

“Very tasty! Can’t wait to try it with ice cream!”
- Carmen Hinckley

“So good!”
- Jen

“Love the cricket flour and eat it daily. The fudge sauce is delicious.”
- Carole Taylor

“Awesome product, and lots of protein!”
- Fabiano Landi

“Tastes Healthy :)”
- Michael Moore

“Mmmmm tasty!”
- Ian Nimmo

“Delicious and packed with protein!”
- Mike

- Mark Willard

“I’m going to eat crickets now!”
- William Shird

“Absolutely delicious! Great chocolate taste, paired well with some cookies & cream ice cream :)”
- Kaitlyn

“Yum, crickets!”
- W. Captor

“Wicked Awesome!”
- Ben

”The Cricket Bites were healthy and the best cookies I have tried in Oregon! Great!”
- Mariella

- Luke Fraser

- Barbara Sutton

”Good! They (Cricket Bites: Maple Almond) taste like coconut!”
- Ali Defrang

”Doesn’t taste like cricket :) They are great!”
- Liha Clark

”New favorite insect!”
- Tony Chen

”Really a great source of protein. I wouldn’t change a thing about the recipe. Maybe a spider powder next!!!”
- Star

”So awesome! Great taste!”
- Josh Noiberg

”It tastes just like a real freaking brownie!”
- Jackie

”Delicious Cricket Bites!”
- Giselle Marston

- Conner & Amelia

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