Whole Roasted Crickets

Ready to eat bugs?  Or looking for a funny prank gift or the perfect stocking stuffer? Try our 5-pack of whole roasted and toasted crickets in assorted flavors and download our cookbook for FREE with 75+ edible insect recipes.  Just make sure to use the coupon code “BUGME” on your shopping cart before checking out.

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Why Crickets?

Crickets are a sustainable and natural source of clean protein and nutrition.  Eat them straight out of the bag, or add them to salad or another one of our delicious recipes. Without any additives, crickets are naturally 65% protein by weight and great source of Vitamin B12.  Our crickets are sourced here in the USA and Canada, and made in Portland, Oregon by our team since 2014.  So if you are looking to try a new recipe, funny gift for a friend, or the perfect gift for a white elephant gift or stocking stuffer – we’ve got you covered!

Sample of Roasted Crickets

“Happy Birthday Bob! If you eat these enough, when you rub your legs together, you can make interesting sounds!”

– Charlie 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

I know how badly you’ve been wanting to eat bugs. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I will enjoy watching you eat them!

– Love Mom

More Bugs to try!

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